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Holiday Let Mortgages

One more thing off your mind, with our expert holiday let mortgage brokers.

Holiday let mortgages are available to people looking to purchase a holiday home which they wish to let out on a short term basis to holiday makers or visitors to the area where the property is located.

They can be very attractive investments as the earnings from holiday lets can be very good, but there are also additional costs involved in advertising the holiday home, paying agent fees for managing the property, cleaning and maintenance costs so it is good to understand all of this prior to making the move to invest in this type of property.

Who is eligible for a holiday let mortgage?

Most lenders will require the borrower to be a homeowner themselves and also to have a good level of income, but as long as you meet the lender requirements and you have a deposit (generally 25% of the property value) that meets the lenders’ criteria then we can source the right lender for you.

What else is taken into consideration when lending on a Holiday Let?

The lender will assess the property, it’s location, and also request what the likely rental yield will be from a local agent who has experience in letting holiday properties. The lender will require an average weekly figure for the low, medium and high seasons for the property. They will then generally average this out over a 40 week period, to allow for weeks where the property is not let, and work the maximum borrowing off this income figure.

If you are considering purchasing or re-mortgaging a Holiday Let then it is worthwhile discussing your options with a qualified mortgage broker who will be able to assess all the variables and find a suitable lender.



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