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  • Access to 1,000+ MORTGAGES
  • 5 star reviews

Bridging Loans

Trust our bridging loan specialists for a smoother transition.

Bridging finance is a form of property finance that allows you to take advantage of opportunities in the property market and move quickly.

A traditional mortgage can take months to arrange and complete but at The Commercial Branch we can organise a bridging loan within days. A bridging loan enables you to quickly ‘bridge’ the gap to secure residential, land or commercial property.


Unlike a mortgage, bridging finance lenders are not necessarily interested in your income or credit situation, as they are lending against the value of the land or property.

The other key way in which a bridge works is that you don’t necessarily have to make payments each month in the way you would with a mortgage – this is because the bridging lender deducts the interest at the start of the loan – so they’ve effectively already been paid their interest – hence the reason your ability to ‘service’ the loan each month is not of interest to the bridging lender, and a key driver of why bridging loans are able to complete so quickly – the bridging lender doesn’t need as much paperwork from you as a traditional mortgage lender.



We’ll support you with round-the-clock service, right through to completion.

Examples of clients we’ve helped:

Property developer – we used the value in their main residence to raise funds to buy a run-down property that they will redevelop. Although there were some historic credit issues we were able to arrange a facility that the developer could use repeatedly to acquire further land property for development.

Landlord – new regulations regarding minimum room size for HMOs (House of Multiple Occupation) meant that new purchase for our client would need extending before being suitable for letting. We arranged funding to acquire the 3-bed semi, and then fund 100% of the refurbishment to a 5 bed HMO.

Auction finance – dilapidated and run-down properties that you would not be able to secure a traditional mortgage on are the norm at auctions – we’ve helped investors buy properties without kitchens & bathrooms, even without a roof! Most auctions also require you to complete within 28 days of the hammer falling – we’ve worked with many investors to ensure they meet this timeframe. It’s always best to talk through your options with us beforehand, and we can ensure the speediest and most cost-effective solution, enabling you to bid with confidence and move quickly when an opportunity arises

A family secure their dream property –  current house sale was dragging and they were going to lose their purchase – we were able to help them with a bridge and then move them onto a long term mortgage at a great rate.

You may have heard that bridging finance is ‘expensive’ and yes, it is when compared to a traditional mortgage, but it a fantastic tool to drive property acquisitions and refurbishments when used correctly. Those clients who use it for the first time and are initially apprehensive, more often than not then use bridging again and again.

At The Commercial Branch we’re experienced at helping you secure all types of bridging finance – get in contact today for a free initial chat to see if we can help.

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