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Posts from August 2019

Author: David Knight - Director, The Mortgage Branch 
I spent some time this morning reviewing the trends in housing and the overall state of the market. 
Having read numerous reports from industry commentators the overwhelming feeling was one of pessimism. I see the world slightly differently and being involved day to day in helping clients to achieve their mortgage and homeownership ambitions I can confidently say that there is hope and help available. 
Through my research it also became evident that most industry professionals see rents increasing over the coming year, mainly down to a continued reduction in properties to rent.  
With the Government, in their attempt to quell the ever-expanding private rental market, making changes to the taxation on investment property purchases and income derived from these properties, as well as making changes to legislation surrounding renting a property, some landlords are deciding to leave the private rental space. 
The impact…. Higher rents, less availability of properties and more stress and strain on people renting without an end in sight. 
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